Texas Counties Deliver
Notice of Estrays




On 10/18/2020 1 red cow was reported to the Sheriff’s Office as being out at Airport Rd and Hwy 29.

This cow has been put up 4 times in the last week by the Sheriff’s Office. The cow on this date was standing on the highway posing a danger to passing motorist.  The cow has been on Seth Comer’s property and around that general area. The ranchers around the area were contacted and no one has claimed the animal. The cow is red with no ear tags or brands and no other identifying marks.

The Cow was transported to the Jordan Cattle Auction barn (204 Gooch St Mason Tx) for impound until the owners can be located or the animal is sold, (Agriculture Code 142.009).  If you have any information about the cattle or can identify them please contact the Mason County Sheriff’s Office at 325 347 5252.