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As of 9-15-2023, the burn ban has been lifted by Executive Order.

Click here to view the 9.15.2023 Executive Order of Mason County Commissioner's Court.   


Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals


Mason County is seeking competitive sealed proposals from qualified electrical contractors to procure and install an emergency generator at the Mason County Courthouse. The specifications for the generator, drawings and a scope of work can be found at the county’s website (co.mason.tx.us) or may be picked up in County Judge’s Office at 205 Westmoreland, Mason, Texas.

Sealed Proposals are to include procurement, shipping, delivery, hoisting, final hookup, initial fuel fill, initial startup, testing and commissioning including coordination with Mason County staff, and applicable manufacturer’s warranties. Contractor must be able to provide insurance including (but not limited to) commercial general and excess liability, auto, and worker’s compensation. The agreement structure will either be an applicable AIA agreement, or other short form agreement subject to review and acceptance by Mason County.

Sealed proposals are to be delivered to Judge Sheree Hardin by 2 p.m. on December 20, 2023.  Sealed proposals will be opened at 3:00 p.m. at the Special Meeting of the Commissioners Court in the Stribling Room of the MB Eckert Memorial Library, Mason, Texas, on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.  Please submit all questions to Dave Stauch (dstauch@cpmtx.com).

 Mason County reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal that fails to comply with the above guidelines or waive any informalities as deemed appropriate.       

Generator Drawings

Generator Specifications 


Restoration and Rebirth of the Mason County Courthouse 2021

We invite you to follow the visual progress of the restoration and rebirth of the beloved Mason County Courthouse.  The fire that burned the courthouse building to its bones on February 4, 2021 was captured by Judge Bearden as he and members of the community watched their cherished courthouse go up in flames.

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Louis Hoffman is honored to be involved with the restoration efforts and is thankful to the Judge and Mason community for trusting him to document this important endeavor.